Android 12 beta 3 comes with scrolling screenshots and camera induction automatic rotation

Android 12 Beta


With the official launch of Android 12 getting closer and closer, Google is ready for the third beta test version of Android 12, bringing new features such as “scrolling screenshots” and “camera sensor auto-rotation”. For developers, this is the last beta version before the platform is stable, which means they will be able to test whether the app has compatibility issues, and Beta 3 will also include the final Android 12 API and official SDK.

In the part of the new features, let’s first look at the part of scrolling screenshots. Google said that most apps can directly support it. As long as you take a screenshot, a button that says “Capture More” will appear below. After you press it, it will capture all the scrollable range currently. , And then you can use the cutting tool to cut to the appropriate range. Google said that they are still “continuously improving” scrolling screenshots, and provide more appropriate screenshot support for more types of content (such as web pages). In other words, it may have functional changes before it is officially launched.

Two screenshots showing how the scrolling screenshot feature in the third Android 12 beta will work. The first screenshot shows an image of the Settings page with a thumbnail on the bottom left and options for sharing, editing and


The second major feature of Beta 3 is the use of enhanced automatic rotation of facial recognition. Unlike the past that uses a gravity sensor to determine the display direction, this new feature uses the front lens to recognize the orientation of your face to control the rotation of the phone. According to Google, this should be particularly useful for people who use mobile phones on a bed or sofa. Users don’t have to worry about privacy leakage, because the entire function is implemented on the mobile phone’s own hardware, and the image never Be stored or leave the phone. But also because of this, enhanced auto-rotation can only be used on Pixel 4 or newer devices. Older phones only get the “rotation animation and detection” improvement, which reduces the rotation delay by 25%.

An animation showing how Game Modes will work in Android 12 when the upcoming game dashboard arrives later this year. It'll let users pick profiles and access key utilities via an overlaid panel during gameplay.


Another new feature on Beta 3 is Google’s built-in search engine “AppSearch” on the device. Developers can use it to build in-app searches, or even cross-app search for content on other apps if they want to open it up. Furthermore, Google will also maintain a central index, and apps that are interested in participating can find the content of the app through the search of the system itself. Since this part requires the participation of developers, it should not be able to see its applications on Beta 3. Other Beta 3 features include allowing companies to manage the camera and microphone permissions of corporate phones, as well as improvements to the game mode API, allowing developers to better manage power or performance in accordance with the mode selected by the user. This will be part of the game dashboard that will come later this year. Android will provide an overlay interface that can call out all relevant functions of the central control during the game.

A highly anticipated but still missing feature is Material You, the new visual system of Android 12. However, as the official launch is getting closer and closer, most of the new features have been put in place one by one, and we probably have a preliminary concept of Android 12. If you can’t wait to try it, you can participate in Google’s Beta program, but as always, the Beta version is bound to be unstable, and don’t forget to back up your data before updating.

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