Android beta version of WhatsApp opens “only watch once” function to some users


Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

After launching the instant message burning function for Messenger and Instagram, Facebook has now integrated similar features into WhatsApp as promised. Starting today, some users participating in the beta test of the Android version will see a new “View Once” mode (View Once). As the name suggests, it will automatically delete the message or media after the recipient has viewed or ignored the content.according to WABetaInfo As long as you can see a timer-like icon when sharing content, it means you can experience this feature.

WhatsApp View Once


It should be noted that the “only watch once” function is completely different from the function of automatically deleting messages seven days after joining WhatsApp. The content shared by it stays on the device only until the moment the user turns it off. In addition, the sender will also receive a corresponding notification after the other party has viewed the content. But if the other party turns off the read display, the notification will not include the specific time. When you use “Only watch once” in a group, the time when the members opened the content will be displayed.

There is another point worthy of improvement. The current “only watch once” does not prevent screen capture, but at this stage, even users who are not qualified for the experience will receive the “only watch once” content. As for when this feature will appear in the official Android version and the iOS version of WhatsApp? It is estimated that we will have to wait for a while.

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