Angels Flight reunites three boys whose parents were separated by the Queensland border closure


Charity helps a 3-year-old boy, mother and father reunite after being isolated when the Queensland Government closed its border with New South Wales (NSW) during an outbreak of the CCP virus Delta subspecies Intervened for.

The toddler has been separated from his mother and father for eight weeks and is stuck in a barn with his grandparents in a remote town of Griffith, New South Wales.

The family said the Queensland Government had asked the young Memphis Francis to cross the state border and return to the care of his parents, but was refused several times.

Instead, Queensland Health claims that the family will fly to Brisbane via Sydney, the current center of COVID-19 delta mutation outbreaks, where they will enter hotel quarantine for two weeks.

But this was not an option for the family. Because of the health concerns associated with the boy’s grandparents, he does not want them to be unnecessarily endangered by traveling to the COVID-19 hotspot.

Join Angel Flight Australia, a charity that offers free, compassionate flights to people living in remote areas too far from medical facilities.

Angels Flight CEO Marjorie Pagani told the Epoch Times that Charity was happy to help with a free flight from Memphis’ grandparents’ home to their parents north of the Queensland border.

“We were involved in helping Memphis after many Queensland community members asked if we could help,” Pagani said in an email Friday.

“This type of flight is a bit different from our normal mission, but we are happy to offer this opportunity to Memphis and his family.

“Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, we are capable of supporting these types of compassionate missions to provide important free services to the Australian community,” she said.

Memphis mom, Domink Facer Told 2GB On Friday’s radio, she was excited to hug the boy when she met again later that day.

“Eight weeks felt like eight years, so it’s definitely going to be very emotional,” Facer said.

“I’m definitely going to cry ugly and not let him go,” she added.

Meanwhile, shedding grandma Alex thanked the community for support and Angels Flight, saying she and her husband would donate $ 1,000 to the organization.

“I can’t express how grateful we are as a family,” she said.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt Thursday’s Queensland Border Policy “Serious moral failure.”

After extensive media coverage of the issue, Queensland exempted Memphis from crossing the border and returning to her parents on Thursday.

Janet Young, the state’s chief health officer, said he was unaware of the issue before, but confirmed that the exemption had been granted.

Friday’s flight will be Angels Flight’s third compassionate mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, he helped a returning traveler, Anna Coffey, visit her father, who died in Melbourne after being denied crossing the border. From Brisbane to Adelaide, I went to see my dying mother.

Caden Pearson

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