Angels Mike Trout showed his teammates pitching … while in the center field

The White Sox scored five runs in seven innings and began the match on Tuesday in Anaheim, California.

Chicago defeated the Angels 11-4 But LA relief pitcher was 5-3 Elvis Peguero I took the mound in the 7th place. The White Sox opened the frame on walks, singles, doubles, and another walk, pulling Peguero away from the game.

In the center fielder Angels Star Mike Trout It seems that he is trying to convey a message to Peguero. You are tilting the pitch.

The trout even seemed to show exactly what the White Sox was picking up. The pitch was coming (Video from Adam Stites):

Athletic Sam Bloom talked to Pegero and Angels bench coach Ray Montgomery about Trout’s deductive skills.Peguero checked out Trout’s video and he really Tilt his pitch..