Anger when Florida becomes the latest state to reduce voting access

Election workers stamp the ballots dropped by voters before putting them in the official ballot drop box (AP).

Election workers stamp the ballots dropped by voters before putting them in the official ballot drop box (AP).

FloridaThe Senate has submitted a bill limiting the state’s voting rights by restricting the use of mail ballots and dropboxes in elections, offending critics who called the measure “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Democrats and voting activists argue that the law creates a major obstacle for voters to hear their opinions.

The bill passed the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, mostly on a partisan basis, 23 to 17, with one Republican previewing the Democratic Party in opposition.

“Instead of supporting basic voting rights, certain Florida senators have decided to become co-conspirators of the ongoing national voter restraint program by passing this undemocratic bill. “Kara Gross, Legislative Director and Senior Policy Advisor to ACLU in Florida, said. “They limit their right to vote by blocking access to voting by mail.”

Weeks of controversial debate prior to voting, limited dropbox placement and business hours, required voters to first present their ID to the election manager.

Other changes include requiring voters to apply for mail ballots more often (per election cycle), limiting who can drop ballots into drop boxes, and voting by election managers. Includes allowing food and water to be distributed only to those who are waiting.

Florida Democrats compared the bill to a bill passed in Georgia in March.

“It’s not Georgia, but it’s definitely Georgia Light,” said State Senator Shebrin Jones.

Others move towards throwback Jim Crow A law that deprived blacks of their rights from the 1870s to 1965.

“The bill is just a compelling way to punish people in elections that some people didn’t like at the national level,” said Democratic Senator Audrey Gibson.

“There is more than one sign of fraud, many people just wanted to get tired of voting.”

Republicans argue that they make cheating difficult, and that it is still easy to vote in the state directly, by mail, and via Dropbox on election days. ing.

ACLU’s Gross said about 4.8 million voters in Florida voted by mail in 2020. Over 1.5 million Floridians have safely and conveniently returned ballots using secure dropboxes.

“Nothing has shown the need for this law for Florida elections,” she said. “In fact, the legislature should be encouraged that Floridians turned out in record numbers to participate in their democracy.”

Gross said that instead of limiting voting methods, lawmakers streamlined the voter’s signature verification procedure to ensure uniformity across all counties or encourage more equitable polling stations. We are proposing to find ways to improve access. Election supervisors have revealed that the bill creates unnecessary hurdles in managing elections in Florida.

The Florida House of Representatives has put together a similar law that does not include restrictions on food and water rations. The two bills need to be coordinated and the legislative assembly ends on May 1, so there is not enough time to send the final version to the governor. Ron DeSantis For his signature.

Former President’s close ally Donald TrumpThe Governor of Florida has made the change in election rules a legislative priority, even though the state has not had any significant problems during the final election cycle and won the Republican ticket.

Republicans in the US state legislature are working on a similar bill to limit access to voting, with a particular focus on mail voting.

People loyal to Mr. Trump are leading the move, maintaining his groundless claim that widespread fraudulent voting has sacrificed him the 2020 elections. No such scams were detected.

Historically, it was Republicans who tended to vote for more numbers by mail.

The bill strengthened federal demands for voting protection by requiring Democratic Congress in Washington, DC to pass People’s Law and John Lewis’s Voting Promotion Act.

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