Anglers ‘spying’ for sharks on camera notice sharks staring off Australian shores

A professional angler and blogger, Great White Shark “Spy” Off the coast of Australia, he noticed one of the predators staring at him.

Trapman Bermagui His camera captured the moment. A large shark was by his boat, waiting with its nose out and its mouth open.

“A great white shark is spying on me…while I’m spying on him,” Bermagui posted on Facebook. “You’re too close to the camera. …Check out their chopper.

Bermagui – also known as Jason Moyce — To McClatchy News, the shark stopped to see him while he was “eating on a small hammerhead beside his boat.”

The encounter took place off the coast of New South Wales in southeastern Australia. Great white sharks congregate there and feed on squid, fish and seabirds. “and other sharks” According to the Australian Museum. The species he can grow to over 13 feet and live over 40 years.

Bermagui has a history of battling sharks while reeling in fish, and frequently shares photos of him catching fish. bitten in half before he put them on the boat.

Great white sharks are known to have about 50 serrations in the mouthOceana says it’s about 7 inches long.

A close-up of his shark’s mouth has garnered over 1,000 reactions and comments since it was shared on February 20, including one who joked that sharks were waiting for him. was A slippery deck. others called images “Nightmare Material”

“Mouth full of razor blades” peter windle Said.

“The last thing most fish see just before dinner.” Mark Davis Posted.

“This is amazing…and a little nervous at the same time.” Shane Price wrote on facebook.

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