Anonymous online website claims credit for sabotage of coastal gaslink pipeline

A February 24 Website blog post Called BC Counter-Info, it credits a long list of alleged vandalism to several sections of the Coastal GasLink pipeline since last October.

Upon completion, the $14.5 billion, 670-kilometer pipeline will bring natural gas from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to a processing and export plant in Kitimat, British Columbia.

TC Energy, the Calgary-based company building the pipeline, takes anonymous threats against the project seriously, saying the situation is part of an escalating trend of violence by environmentalists. increase.

A spokesperson for TC Energy told the Epoch Times that the company was aware of anonymous allegations of “anarchist websites of coordinated sabotage attacks against the project.”

Skeena riding BC MLA Ellis Ross twitter Expressing outrage on an anonymous website, it said that “eco-terrorists” are “deliberately turning pipelines into weapons, fully aware that people can get hurt.”

“Intimidation and violence!” he wrote. “Certainly some level of government is considering this!”

vandalism allegation

The website in question claims to have destroyed several sections of the coastal GasLink pipeline over the past few months.

“There are some holes in the pipeline here, some welded seams are corroded and the concrete is damaged. It was to contribute to the delay,” said the author, who called himself an “anonymous contributor.”

The website makes claims that the pipe was drilled and covered with fiberglass film or epoxy putty before lowering the pipe into the groove, and that the protective coating was scraped or sanded into the pipe. A list of suspected injuries, including claims of injury, is posted. from corrosion and rust.

An anonymous poster claimed that “hydrochloric acid was poured into concrete pipes known to be for tunnels under Wezinqua and a concrete drill was used inside the pipes to further weaken the pipes.” bottom.

“Before it was backfilled between 377 and 380 kilometers of section 5 of the pipeline, chipping and grinding damaged the protective coating on the section of pipe and chipped the weld seams on several sections of the pipe. The work was done in early January.”

Epoch Times photo
Photographed during a site visit on February 19, 2022, an attacker hijacking heavy equipment caused millions of dollars in damage to a coastal GasLink construction site in February 2022. (Courtesy of Coastal GasLink)

The most recent alleged vandalism took place in mid-February and involved scraping and scraping “the majority of the pipe coating on the string between kilometers 626 and 629.”

But after listing 10 acts of vandalism, an anonymous poster said: Only a fraction of these activities actually took place. “

The blog says it contains “false reports” on purpose and is free to “use any means necessary to delay construction as long as possible.”

“So the only way to know where repairs are really needed is to excavate and re-inspect all the pipes above,” mocks a blog titled “Coastal Gas Link Treasure Hunt.”

RCMP under investigation

RCMP E Division Sergeant Chris Clark said police were “aware of the ongoing efforts of some individuals and groups to slow or obstruct the work of Coastal GasLink.” said the RCMP was fully investigating “all incidents of damage to infrastructure or equipment,” although it could not be specified.

A Coastal GasLink spokesperson said the company is working with the RCMP in investigating the vandalism allegations and is prioritizing the safety of workers and the surrounding area.

TC Energy says there is “no evidence to suggest that tampering has taken place at this time,” but that the project’s quality assurance team has “began to review the anarchist allegations.”

“From the time excavation begins until the pipeline is backfilled, inspections are performed at every stage. Our team uses state-of-the-art pipeline safety systems to do this before the pipeline is commissioned. We carefully inspect every section of the pipe, not to mention rigorous testing,” said TC Energy.

The company said it is aware that some individuals may not like projects like Coastal GasLink, but that “tampering, sabotage and threats of violence are never justified.”

Other attacks

In February 2022, a Coastal Gas Link worker on a night shift at a remote construction site in British Columbia, attacked According to TC Energy, a group of 20 masked, ax-wielding attackers threatened workers and damaged tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

The company also notes that an emergency vehicle and a BC Hydro vehicle were attacked at Smithers in October 2022. Torch deliberate arson. Four of his RCMP vehicles and one of his ambulances were damaged or destroyed in what police called a targeted attack.

One of the damaged vehicles was part of a task force dealing with accidents in the energy industry.

“Attacks on energy infrastructure should concern all Canadians,” said TC Energy.

Regardless of the veracity of the anonymous website’s claims, the company said its intent was to “delay our project and spread terror and violence.”

According to TC Energy, the pipeline project will employ thousands of people from the state’s indigenous peoples and local communities.

“They deserve to work in a safe environment, without fear of sabotage or other violent attacks, while providing for their families and communities,” the company said.

“Coastal GasLink is focused on delivering critical Canadian LNG to the world and safely completing this critical energy infrastructure that will bring lasting prosperity to Canadians.”

Pipelines have been plagued by unexpected construction and labor costs. Construction is 83% complete, with a tentative target of completion by the end of 2023.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.