Another grizzly bear behind two attacks on the hills at the foot of Mount Alberta: Wildlife Officer

On June 22, 2018, grizzly bears and their two offspring can be seen in the Kutzeimaten Cove near Prince Rupert, British Columbia. (Canada Press / Jonathan Hayward)

Alberta’s fish and wildlife have identified various grizzly bears behind two deadly attacks at the foot of the state.

Bear expert Paul Frame says DNA analysis led to that conclusion.

The most recent attack occurred on Tuesday evening when a woman was walking on her property near the Water Valley, about 80 kilometers northwest of Calgary.

The first accident occurred on May 4, when a man went for a run about 25 kilometers away.

Frame says that both bears consider them to be the mother of a baby bear.

He says recent studies have shown that grizzly bear numbers are beginning to recover, making human-bear encounters more likely.

He encourages people traveling and camping in the bear country to go in groups to make a fuss and keep the campsite clean.

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