Another new Parti Québécois launches to court federalists, Anglophones and minorities

A second new party to court Quebec’s Anglophones, minorities and federalists has arrived at the state scene.

Quebec’s Canadian Party describes itself as a “progressive, rights-centric federalist option.”

Party spokesman Colin Standish said the new party is preparing for Elections Quebec’s paperwork and will introduce its logo and leader in the coming weeks.

He says the party has promised to become a state-wide movement, which he hopes will draw central support from English-speaking Quebécois and minority groups.

Prior to the October 3 state elections, after former Montreal mayor candidate Baralama Hornes announced last week that he would focus on Montreal’s liberal bases and defend ethnic minorities and linguistic minorities. It is the second party that was established.

Dominique Anglade, Quebec’s liberal leader, said that if the party’s traditional voter base included these English and minority communities, all voters would ultimately consider liberal to be the best option. He says he is confident.

Canadian press