Another Snow Day for Children in Toronto, Prairie Pillars for Storms, Ice and Snow

Snowstorms that closed schools in southern Ontario and some schools in Quebec on Monday darken many of them for another day, but some of the prairie that had already been hit by icing rain. The part is currently fighting temperature and snow plunges.

Several committees in the Toronto region, such as the Dafferin Peel Catholic District Board of Education, the Toronto Catholic District Board of Education, and the York Regional Board of Education, said classes are conducted remotely through online learning today. The Durham District Board of Education has canceled all face-to-face lessons. Junior high school students shift to distance learning, and elementary school students spend snowy days.

However, the Toronto school district’s school board said there would be no live distance learning or virtual learning, and in an online post, 36 schools still needed to remove snow from the roof. For bad weather and road conditions.

The Ottawa Carlton Board of Education tweeted early this morning that all schools will open today. However, many residential roads have not yet been cultivated, so the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority has canceled all bus services. Parents are told that it’s okay to drop the child into school, but you’ll need to pick it up at the end of normal school.

The regional GO Transit network warned on Tuesday that service would decline and could be delayed or canceled, but some Toronto subway lines said last night that the TTC was a weather-related mechanical problem. It didn’t run late.

Winter storms and wind warnings have been issued in most of Alberta, heavy snowfall is expected on Monday nights in parts of southern Manitova, and winter storms and icing rain warnings in parts of Saskathuwan. Was issued.

Edmonton was already working on frozen streets and sidewalks on Monday, and city police said they had responded to 190 clashes from 6 am to 6 pm.

The RCMP in northern Alberta recommended leaving the freeway at the end of Monday after saying it had responded to multiple collisions.

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