Another top aide to Matt Gaetz is Bailes as the scandal involves Congressman MAGA

Chip Somode Villa / Getty

Chip Somode Villa / Getty

Another top aide Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) A person familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

Devin Murphy, Gates’ Legislative Director at Capitol Hill, was officially bolted on Friday as scandals surrounding a federal investigation into Gates’ sexual misconduct continued to swell. Thursday night The Daily Beast reported Gates donated $ 900 to his friend and child sexual trafficker Joel Greenberg in May 2018. Greenberg then paid the same amount to three women, one of whom turned 18 just five months ago.

Murphy’s resignation First reported New York TimesMurphy confessed to his peers that he wasn’t interested in getting involved in a “TMZ” type environment.

Murphy didn’t respond to the Daily Beast’s repeated requests for comment on Thursday. Gates didn’t reply immediately either.

Murphy has been working at Gates since February 2017. Top Donald Trump Allies Stepped on Capitol Hill, according to Legistorm, an informal online parliamentary directory. He set out in the office as a member of the House of Representatives and was promoted to Legislative Yuan in December 2018. Murphy’s LinkedIn page doesn’t list the name of the House of Representatives he worked for. Although simply referred to as the “US House of Representatives,” his other hire dates are consistent with those of the legislature.

Murphy is the second Gates staff member. New York Times On March 31, lawmakers reported that they were being monitored by federal agents investigating whether they had paid for sex, especially to underage girls. His communications director, Lukeball, resigned last week. A statement from Gates’ office said the parties had agreed that “it would be best to break up.”

Departure adds to what was already a difficult day for lawmakers. On Thursday, Gates companion Joel Greenberg, a political ally who is said to have a connection between young women and girls, appeared in a Florida court and made a judicial deal with the federal government. And are reportedly ready to cooperate with Gates’ investigation. “I’m sure Matt Gaetz doesn’t feel very comfortable today,” Greenberg’s lawyer told Orlando reporters.

Gates paid the accused sex trafficker.

Shortly thereafter, the parliamentary office issued a statement signed by a woman in his office proving his character, but only one of his chiefs of staff named her.

The House of Representatives himself resisted the call to resign, claiming that the minor’s sex and sex trafficking allegations were false and used to blackmail him and his family. There is.

And his two former aides aren’t the only aides near (or once close to) Gates away from the MAGA icon.As The Daily Beast reported late last week, former President Trump wasn’t unaware that he would stand up for his companions and himself when accused of sexual misconduct and assault. Personally warned by some advisers For Gates scandals, keep your mouth shut as much as possible.For the time being, the impeached former president Almost Completely responded to their plea.

“For something like this, a 10-foot pole isn’t long enough,” said Barry Bennett, a longtime Republican operative and lobbyist who advised Trump during the 2016 run. “The former president should be as far away as possible.”

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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