Anthony Bourdain exposes everything before his death with an “indelible” image never seen before

Recent photos Anthony Bourdin In a new documentary released about the life of the late chef and world traveler, he surfaced in a different way.

Vanity Fair Instagram account on Monday The photo has been posted Photographer Melanie Dunea filmed Bourdein and in the caption of the post, the publication describes the visual as “one of the most indelible images ever taken by the late Anthony Bourdein.”

“Neither of us thought this image would be such a big deal,” Dunea wrote on July 23. Vanity Fair works For travelers “armed with bones and cigarettes” with unprecedented snaps. With the link “Images are so powerful that you have no control over their interpretation.” [the outlet’s] Bio, she looks back on how their friendship evolved over time and the photos that solidified it. “

Boardin Taken his life in 2018 While he was filming in France. He was 61 years old.

Anthony Bourdain’s ex-wife Ottavia Busia talks about “road runners”: “I should look more at him.”

Dunea too I shared the image She captioned her own Instagram profile with the title of the story she wrote in the magazine, “Bourdain, My camera, and Me.”

She called the photo “a very public photo and the very personal story behind it.”

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The Morgan Neville movie, entitled “Road Runner: Anthony Bourdain,” is the first time many people near the “Unknown Parts” star have openly discussed his life and death, including him. is. Former wife Ottavia Busia..

The pair got married in 2007 but separated in 2016. People magazine, The two never officially divorced, but dated another because they co-raised their daughter Ariane (now 14 years old).

“I thought he would be this bad boy. He was a little arrogant, not what I expected, but still loving,” Busia recalled in the film.

The “Parts Unknown” star wasn’t sure if he would be a great dad, but Busia said his view changed when his daughter was born.

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“Whatever the suspicion I might have dissipated when I knew how happy he was to be a father,” she said in the movie.

She went on to explain that Bodin’s filming schedule, which often left her family for 250 days a year, ultimately had a major impact on her marriage.

“What he wanted always seemed to be this idyllic picture of family and everyday life, but I don’t know if he was when he got it. .. “After a while, that might not have been enough anymore.”

After their separation, Busia noticed Bodin’s changes and claimed to have thought something was wrong.

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“He wasn’t the same person,” she said. “Something changed and it got really heavy, but at some point he started getting treatment. I said,” You can take a step back. You don’t have to worry about him all the time. ” thought. “

“I think that’s what I always do … I should have looked more at him,” she said.

She added that Bodin’s memories in the film would be her last opportunity to discuss him publicly, as she only wants to focus her energy on raising her daughter.

“I want to remember all the great things we did and the great guy he was when we were together,” she said.

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