Anti-Russian protesters in occupied Ukrainian cities said the troops were “really scared” of the demonstrators.

Ukrainians protested the Russian occupation in Kherson on March 5, 2022.

Ukrainians protested the Russian occupation in Kherson on March 5, 2022.twitter

  • Ukrainian protesters in the occupied Kherson city said Russian troops were scared.

  • The port city was the first major city to fall to Russia last Wednesday.

  • Since the invasion, dozens of demonstrators have protested and taken them to the streets of Kherson.

Ukrainian protesters in the occupied city of Kherson said Russian troops were “really scared” of the demonstrators who had taken them to the streets since the city was invaded last week.

and promotion video Posted on YouTube on Wednesday, an unnamed man in the city of Kherson described Ukraine’s reaction to Russian tanks in the city center.

The video titled “Kherson is Ukraine” was posted by Kherson Now, a video channel that publishes “Socially Relevant Events and Kherson’s Stories,” according to the channel.

“People are ready to get together, and even if they need to arm themselves and drive their enemies out of our lands,” the man said in a video.

Kherson, an important southern city along the Black Sea The first major city to fall into Russia on March 2. According to government officials, the strategic port, home to about 300,000 people, was besieged by Russian troops and tanks after several days of fighting in an area where about 300 Ukrainians died.

Since the city was confiscated last week, hundreds of Ukrainians have gone out on the streets to protest the Russian occupation. Over the weekend, the mayor estimated that about 2,000 people participated in the protest at Liberty Square. The New York Times.

The video clip included in the Kherson Now video shows a large number of people dressed in the Ukrainian flag chanting and rebelling against the Russian army.

“They set up a fortress because they were afraid of us,” the narrator gestured to a line of tanks parked a few yards away from the demonstrators’ crowd.

“When I was there, I was talking to the soldiers, they were really scared,” he added.

The man said he threatened to shoot Russian troops if protesters attacked the government.

Another video reviewed by insiders showed Russian troops trying to disperse the crowd by firing in the air during a previous demonstration.

“They really know that people can’t stop,” said the guy at Kherson Now Video.

Still, he added that the Ukrainians are afraid of themselves.

“Don’t believe anyone who says they’re not afraid of the assault rifles that shot us,” he said. “We are not afraid of provocation … we are afraid.”

But despite that fear, he said the Ukrainians were ready to fight.

“We are absolutely ready for any scenario and will resist any Russian scenario,” he said.

Ukrainian military command said Wednesday that more than 400 protesters had been detained by the Russian National Guard in Kherson. Reuters..

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