Anti-theft license plates roll out in Australian states

The Australian state of Victoria issues anti-theft license plates to prevent people from stealing or duplicating license plates.

The general issue plate incorporates a hologram of the ‘VIC’ logo, similar to the markings embedded in Australian banknotes.

Thieves cannot remove the hologram, making it difficult for criminals to duplicate license plates or install them on another vehicle of the same make and model.

Police Minister Anthony Carvins said in a statement on Saturday: “We know that license plate theft is a problem in Victoria.

“These new directional security markings add an extra layer of security to help prevent theft and reduce crime,” said Carbines.

The plates will be rolled out starting December 30, and the government expects about 430,000 to be issued each year.

There is no additional charge for drivers ordering standard issuing plates with new security markings.


Australian Associated Press is an Australian news agency.