Anti-Vaxer Florida Radio Host and Former Newsmax Anchor Die at COVID

Screenshot / YouTube / Newsmax

Screenshot / YouTube / Newsmax

An anti-vaccine right-wing radio host in West Palm Beach, Florida died Wednesday of a complication of COVID-19.

Dick Farrell, 65, used local talk shows and social media to counter Dr. Anthony Fauci, who called him a “power-tripping liar freak,” and said he shouldn’t be vaccinated against the coronavirus vaccine. ..But when COVID-19 sent him to the hospital for three weeks, he changed his mind and urged his friend to get vaccinated, a friend told a local train station. WPTV..

Farrell wrote in early July: Do nothing and thank Moderna! He mistakenly told his followers that they would not need the vaccine if they had already survived COVID-19. The CDC advises former coronavirus patients to be vaccinated.

Texas Republican officials ridiculed COVID five days before he died of the virus

Two days later, he wrote, “Why take a vax promoted by people who lied about 2u all the time about masks?” He calls Fauci “FOOT-chee” and infectious disease experts and “power trip libb loons” Democrats can gain more power by pretending that a pandemic is underway. He said he was colluding.

In late June, he wrote: One of the elected Democrats has never been positive. He called the mask “face diapers” and “face panties.”

Farrell, an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, frequently writes about unfounded conspiracy theories of fraudulent elections. In June, he wrote a horrifying post about liberals who wanted to remove the American flag, saying, “The Civil War beckons.”

Farrell’s best friend Amy Lee Hair wrote on Facebook: RIP Dick Farrell. That’s why he shot me. He sent me a text message saying “Get!”. He said the virus wasn’t a joke and said, “I wish I had it!”

Hair later told WPTV: “I was one of those who didn’t trust the vaccine like him. I trusted my immune system. Be more afraid of getting COVID-19 than the potential side effects of the vaccine. I’m glad I got the vaccination. “

According to George Kalman, a friend and station owner who wrote Farrell’s obituary, his real name is Farrell Austin Levitt after the sale of the radio station WFLN where he worked in 2016. The host also anchored at Newsmax.

Farrell’s partner, Kit Farley, wrote on Facebook: I can only say that this was unexpected because of my heavy heart. He will be missed. “

Farrell is one of the recent deaths of vaccine opponents who succumbed to COVID-19. Just this week Republican city council member In Texas, he fought a rapid and deadly attack with the virus and was hospitalized and died within three days. He used his position to advocate against vaccines and face masks.

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