Antimask Florida official dies at COVID — and takes Republican software secrets with him



the next day Test positive COVID-19, for Florida Republican officials Fight against Maskman Date, Attacked the vaccine, and the railing died in Tampa at the CDC authorities.

61-year-old Greg Prentice led the Hillsborough County Election Integrity Committee. His sudden death caused scrambling because the local Republican Party lost access to essential election funding software without his help.

September 14 Letter to the Federal Election CommissionThe Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee has reported that it may not be possible to submit monthly financial reports as needed. This is because only Prentice knew how to do it.

“Gregg’s software transformed the data in Quickbooks software to provide FEC with the information it needed,” he said. “Unfortunately, Greg died suddenly from Covid-19 on Saturday, September 11, 2021. Greg did not share the software and instructions with the board. Greg had to manually enter the August data, According to the information received from FEC analyst Scott Bennett, it may be necessary to re-enter the data for the first 7 months of 2021.

Unvaxxed teen councilor attacking the mask now orders to fight “terrible” COVID pneumonia

“By the September 20th deadline, I’m having a hard time filling in all of this in the right format, but I’ll do my best to fill it out.”

together Other Members of Hillsborough County Election Integrity Committee, Prentice was a loud critic of vaccines, mask obligations, and COVID precautions. In response to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top infectious disease expert, he swore in a Twitter post:End Forsythism.. He also said that the United States “more” Socialist distance “Rather than we keep a social distance,” and the pandemic was created to destroy small businesses.

NS Spokesperson The Hillsboro Republican Executive Committee reportedly said that Prentice’s wife and daughter were also infected with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, as local political parties rolled up, Prentice’s associates spread their own barbaric conspiracy theories presented without evidence of how officials died.

A friend Jason Kimball blamed the 61-year-old death at Tampa General Hospital, and the staff said, “Illegal intubationPrentice the day before he died. Kimball during the Tampa City Council meeting on September 13 Requested a survey It will be launched. However, members of the city council denied cheating and abuse from the hospital.

“My public comments will really be about Tampa General Hospital,” Kimball said at a council meeting. “Currently, the dire situation continues … I don’t think anyone is aware of it. I know it directly. They are intubating everyone who enters Tampa General Hospital as the first action. They are using a death treatment protocol, and I think the city council really needs to investigate … they are intubating people illegally … you call 911 When you go to the hospital, you are in a bad situation. “

City council member John Dingfelder immediately shut out Kimball’s comments and accused him of being “dangerous.”

“We respect the First Amendment’s right from everyone who calls, but I think it’s a very dangerous comment to spread to the community that we shouldn’t go to Tampa General Hospital. [It] One or two of the top hospitals in this community … there is no better place. Doctors and staff are dedicated to saving lives, and if they are infected with COVID, they go to Tampa General Hospital, “said a Democrat representing Tampa’s Third District.

After praising the medical center, Dinfelder returned to condemn Kimball’s remarks. “It was a very dangerous comment from that individual … people hear ridiculous comments without doing the right research.”

Other council members agreed with Dinfelder and rang the chime.

It didn’t stop Kimball from speaking on Facebook, where he continued to perpetuate the myth that COVID-19 was a “medically designed virus.”

Kimball admitted it He is not a doctor.. LinkedIn’s profile, using Kimball’s name and photo, lists him as a Wal-Mart pharmacy technician. He previously worked at Southlake Pharmacy in Zephyrhills, Florida.

After Prentice’s death on September 11, he Post: “For the Virus-Genetically engineered virus is spreading throughout Florida. Due to the genetically engineered virus, we have lost Greg Plentis, the leader of many in Hillsborough County. … don’t mess with this manipulated virus-get on the treatment protocol as soon as you even feel weird. If you’re dealing with a disease or brain fog, in case it gets worse Make sure you have a hospital / hospitalization clinic to get to where you can actually get treatment. “

In response to Kimball’s praise for Prentice Follower wrote, “I can’t believe all the people killed this way. Greg is now one of them. This is great for the Tampa area of ​​Hillsborough County, all the patriotic people around, and of course his family. It’s a loss … I hope the people who do this will be held accountable, but it’s our responsibility to spread the proper treatment The protocol hopes this won’t happen to anyone else. . Sad day. “

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