AOC and other progressives open the door to fight Biden on renewal of federal unemployment benefits


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, DN.Y. Will speak outside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters in Washington on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Associated Press Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

  • Progressive lawmakers like the AOC are deciding whether to promote federal unemployment allowance renewals.

  • New York lawmakers told insiders that any effort faces a long probability given the resistance from the White House.

  • Pelosi is focused on creating a bill that can pass the Senate and could ruin the extension.

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Democrats are starting to assemble $ 3.5 trillion large social spending plan They will train their muscles within the next few months without a Republican vote.

However, what is largely excluded from the debate is the extension of the pandemic unemployment allowance.It seems very unlikely that either the House of Representatives or the Senate will seek renewal. When it expires on September 6thThreatens the income of at least 7.5 million people.Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth, chairman of the House Budget Committee, told insiders on Monday that he would extend. It wasn’t part of the negotiations.

There is one prominent voice speaking about these controversial issues. It was Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York, who told insiders that it was a battle being debated among progressives like her.

The 96-member Congressional Progressive Caucus has an early discussion on whether to drive updates. It may be the gateway for them to harness their influence and get additional federal assistance for struggling Americans.Progressivist led by Congressman Cori Bush Successfully applied pressure The Biden administration will unilaterally extend the moratorium on eviction of peasants earlier this month.

However, such efforts can also inject more confusion into the legislative process where democratic leaders want to choreograph with as few errors as possible for their narrow majority. While the Senate is 50-50, Democrats in the House of Representatives exercise only a majority of the three seats.

There are already mistakes that can be at risk. A group of 10 house moderators disagreed with Chairman Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the Senate would pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill only after clearing the party’s spending plan. They secured a pledge from Pelosi on Tuesday to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill in a month instead, regardless of whether the party plan was approved.

Some progressives have already warned about the end of the pandemic unemployment allowance. Ocasio Cortez said it was a “great concern” for her.

“What we have now is that the Biden administration shows little intention to extend the pandemic unemployment support program,” she told insiders. “We have a Senate who doesn’t want it, a White House who doesn’t want it-it will take a very devoted house.”

She admitted that successful efforts would be successful after Labor Day. Progressivists are prioritizing Democratic-only spending plans, which can take weeks to come up with legislative details. Ocasio Cortez said progressives are “investigating it.”

Economist says The increase in COVID-19 cases from the delta variant was a factor that prevented people from getting dangerous, low-paying jobs, and generous federal assistance was not the number one contributor to labor shortages.

Other Progressivists Want to Expand Aid

Minnesota lawmaker Ilhan Omar, the chief voter of the caucuses, told insiders that he had not yet tabulated the amount of support in their ranks to extend benefits. “It’s the conversation we’re engaged in-we haven’t whip it as a progressive cacus yet,” she said. “So we measure to see what we want to do when negotiating about it at the caucuses.”

Omar said he believed that it was “necessary” to increase profits.

“I think it’s important,” Omar told the insider. “I’ve heard that there are jobs on the other side, but in reality, many of the jobs available don’t pay the minimum wage, so we’re back to the conversation trying to set a minimum wage of $ 15 in this country. . “

Omar and Ocasio Cortez are not the only ones supporting extensions. A Bush spokesman told the insider that she did too.

Still, because of resistance from moderate democracies, any motivation to renew profits will almost certainly run against the Senate. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin When Angus King, Maine.. All 50 Democratic senators must unite in order for the party line bill to pass, and there is no room for error.

“There is no Republican support for the extension, and some members of our caucuses are skeptical,” a Senate Democratic aide who admitted anonymity to speak frankly told insiders. “There are still members who sympathize with the business debate, despite studies showing that Republican states do not see actual employment growth that cuts off profits early,” he said.

House Democratic leaders appear to be focusing on developing a reconciliation bill with unanimous support from the Senate party. In that case, the extension of the unemployment allowance may no longer be in sight.

“It doesn’t make sense to submit a bill that doesn’t pass the Senate,” Pelosi said Wednesday.

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