AOC calls on Biden to defend a “ridiculous and cruel” embargo on Cuba, expressing support for Cuba’s protesters

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) spoke at an event outside Union Station on June 16, 2021 in Washington, DC. With the addition of Seth Moulton (D-NY) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Ocasio Cortez called for more federal funding for the infrastructure package high-speed rail being discussed at Capitol Hill. .. Win McNamie / Getty Images

  • The AOC has sunk into the US embargo on Cuba and the Biden administration’s continued support for it.

  • “The embargo is ridiculously cruel, and … cruelty is the point,” she said in a statement.

  • The New York Democratic Party has also expressed solidarity with Cuban rebels.

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Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez announced Thursday in solidarity with rebels and protesters of democracy in Cuba, and continued support for Cuba’s decades-old US sanctions and the Biden administration. I also stepped in.

“The embargo is incredibly cruel, and like many other US policies aimed at Latin Americans, the point is atrocities. I completely refuse to defend the embargo by the Biden administration.” Ocasio Cortez said.

The New York Democratic Party also condemned the government’s “anti-democratic behavior” of Cuban President Miguel Diaz Cannell, saying that “media oppression, speeches and protests are all serious violations of civil rights.”

But she emphasized that the US embargo on Cuba, which has been the center of Washington’s policy towards the island nation for 60 years, also contributed to the suffering of the Cubans.

The blame for the embargo by Ocasio Cortez came after Cuba saw the biggest anti-government protests in decades, igniting a desire for more freedom and a deepening economic crisis this week.

This situation has increased scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s policy towards Cuba.

As Ocasio Cortez said in a statement, the United Nations voted last month on a resolution calling on the United States to end the embargo. The Biden administration opposed the resolution. For nearly 30 years, the United Nations has voted in favor of a resolution condemning the embargo, and the United States has consistently voted against it.

When Biden was Vice President, the United States abandoned voting for the first and only embargo as the Obama administration moved to resume diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba.

In March 2016, then-President Barack Obama visited Havana and urged Congress to end the Cuban embargo that began during the Cold War in tensions with the Soviet Union.

“It’s an outdated burden for the Cuban people.” Obama said At the time. “It’s a burden for Americans who want to work here in Cuba, do business or invest. It’s time to lift the embargo.”

Former President Donald Trump has overturned the Obama administration’s efforts to rekindle relations by taking a dramatically different approach to Cuba, strengthening embargoes and issuing new sanctions. Sanctions during the Trump era contributed to Cuba’s drug and food shortages.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden vowed to renew his engagement with Cuba. “I try to overturn the failed Trump policy that has harmed Cubans and their families.” Biden said He added that Trump “did not do anything to advance democracy and human rights. On the contrary, the administration’s crackdown on Cubans has worsened under Trump and is not good.”

However, the Biden administration’s policy towards Cuba was, in effect, a continuation of Trump’s approach.Biden is facing Increased calls from Democrats To lift Trump-era sanctions on Cuba and provide Cubans with the coveted financial relief.

On the other hand, criticism of the Democratic Party’s embargo is increasing. Only Congress can lift the embargo altogether.

The broader and intended goal of perpetuating the embargo by the US government was to isolate the Communist government and promote democratic reform. However, critics have said that the sanctions are outdated and ineffective, providing authoritarian governments with a convenient scapegoat for the country’s economic predicament, while only helping to increase the suffering of Cubans. Claims to be.

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