AOC removes “rock bottom” number for Afghan refugee visas


NSep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said he issued a minimum number of refugee visas for Afghans fleeing their war-torn hometown, but that was just the starting point.

Democrats in New York said they needed at least 200,000 visas, but they need to meet the “needed amount” that was added soon.

“We believe we need to move, and the administration needs to move as quickly and as extensively as possible, and ensure that we increase the amount of refugee visas indefinitely. necessaryShe said interview..

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“I think it’s a rock under There are 200,000 people, but I think it doesn’t matter what you need … and it needs to be promoted as soon as possible, “said the leader of the leftmost house block called the” squad. “

Congressman voted legislation Increasing the number of special immigrant visas for Afghan citizens in collaboration with NATO or the US Government of Afghanistan. The bill will pass the House of Representatives with 16 negative votes and move on to the Senate.

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Republicans in the House of Representatives widely support visas for Afghans and their close relatives who supported the US military. Ocasio Cortez has previously expressed support for Afghan refugees who have fled Taliban rule.

“Don’t waste your time and money to help refugees leave safely and quickly. Afghanistan, “Ocasio Cortez Said earlier this month.. “We must immediately welcome them to the United States and provide real support when they rebuild their lives.”

Tens of thousands of American Afghan allies are stuck in Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan.

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