AOC says Democrats have been defeated in Virginia for running a “super-moderate campaign” that was boring for progressives

New York Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in a blue blazer in front of the House of Representatives seal

June Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

  • The AOC said it was defeated in the VA because Democrats ran a campaign that did not trigger progressives.

  • “The results show the limits of trying to run a campaign that is fully over 100% moderated,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

  • Virginia’s loss, when Biden won 10 percentage points in 2020, made Democrats nervous about the mid-2022.

New York lawmaker Alexandria Ocasiocortes on Wednesday suggested that the devastating defeat of the Democrats in this week’s Virginia Governor’s election was the result of a campaign that did not excite progressive voters.

“I know Virginia was very disappointed. To be honest, the results are more than 100% moderated, rather than stimulating, speaking or energizing the progressive foundation. I think it shows the limits of trying to run a campaign, ”Ocasio-Cortez said in a video posted to his Instagram account.

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Democrats are exploring the soul after Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin defeats former Democratic centrist Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s election.Republican candidates also won Virginia elections Deputy Governor and Attorney General. With the mid-term 2022 approaching, the Senate split evenly, and the House of Representatives dominated by a majority, the Democratic Party became nervous and pointing fingers after the defeat. Especially considering President Joe Biden’s big win in Virginia last November.

Prominent progressives like Ocasio Cortez have often argued that Democrats are hurting themselves as the foundation of the Democratic Party by continuing to support centrist or centrist candidates and policies. Was It leans more and more to the left.

After McCorriff’s defeat on Tuesday, progressive groups Battleborn Collective, Justice Democrats, Sunrise Movement and United Weed Dream Action said in a statement: literally. What happened in Virginia was when Democrats did not undertake racism in the Republican Divide-and-Conquer Act and did not motivate people to produce results. “

“The McCorriff campaign did not have a comprehensive professional worker’s economic message to literally private-equity fund mogul. There was no positive message for Virginians about what would happen in the next four years. It failed. It was a campaign designed to do so, “said McCorriff, who said he had run a” milke toast campaign. “

Meanwhile, some Democrats argue that the fact that the party failed to pass two bills worth about $ 3 trillion, which is key to Biden’s economic agenda, undermined McCorriff’s chances. There were many disputes between the Democrats over the bill.

“People want us to deliver because we’ve won a majority in both homes,” said Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. He told insider economics reporter Joseph Zeballos Roig. “And instead of everyone acting, whatever it was, they worked hard for their little things.”

“We blew the timing,” Kaine added.

Virginia Senator Mark Warner told Zeballos Roig, “For more than two months, there have been widespread legislative achievements, and people somehow found it helpful to delay.” .. “Only in DC, the strategy passes all kinds of olfactory tests.”

Biden reiterated these feelings in a comment at the White House on Wednesday.

When a reporter asked in November what the Democrats could do differently to avoid similar losses, Biden said, “I think we should produce for Americans.”

“See, people need a little more breathing. They are overwhelmed. And what happened-to change their standard of living and give them a little more breathing, we just result. I think we have to issue it, “Biden added.

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