AP, Al Jazeera accuses Israeli bombing of Gaza office


UN: 10,000 Palestinians flee from Gaza’s home as the battle between Israel and Hamas intensifies

The UN said on Friday that the ongoing battle between Israel and Hamas could “unleash uncontained security and humanitarian crises” not only in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, but also “the entire region.” I warned. More than 125 Palestinians, including 31 children, have been killed in Gaza since the fighting began on Monday, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Reuters reported that eight people, including two children, were killed in Israel, citing Israeli authorities. Get the right market news for your time at Axios Markets. At least 11 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army as protests took place across the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River at each AP. The Israeli Defense Forces tweeted on Friday that a “knife-armed perpetrator” had been “neutralized” near Nablus. More than 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced since the beginning of the fight, a UN humanitarian coordinator in the region said Friday, saying refugees “schools and mosques during the global COVID-19 pandemic. “Evacuating elsewhere. Water, food, hygiene and medical services.” OHCA humanitarian coordinator Lynn Hastings said, “Access to hospitals and water and sanitation services depends on electricity. That fuel will run out on Sunday. ” A Palestinian boy, displaced by Israeli airstrikes and artillery attacks, sits on a school mattress in the city of Gaza. Photo: Mohammed Abednego via Getty Images / AFP The current escalation is with hundreds of Palestinians and several during a protest against the expulsion of six Palestinian families planned for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem. It began after the violence in Jerusalem that injured the Israeli police station. Israeli police raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque site or Temple Mount on Monday, violently disbanding Palestinian protesters. Some of them were throwing rocks. Hamas, who controls Gaza, warned that Israeli police would attack Israel if they did not leave the premises. Later, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired more than 1,500 rockets and mortar ammunition, and Israel bombed the Gaza Strip. Israel began rallying troops at the border with Gaza on Thursday, launching attacks from the air, sea, and ground. This week also saw the worst interregional violence in Israel since the launch of the Second Intifada in 2000. An Israeli man reacts when he investigates the damage done to his apartment after hitting a piece of rocket launched from Gaza. Ashkelon, a city in southern Israel. Photo: Gili Yaari / NurPhoto via Getty Images Remarks: “The Secretary-General is appealing to all parties to immediately stop the battle between Gaza and Israel,” said Stephen, spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Dujaric said in a statement. Friday. “The parties must acknowledge that they will step up their mediation efforts to end the fighting immediately. The United Nations is actively involved in such efforts and is very necessary for those affected by Gaza. It is also important to provide humanitarian assistance, “he added. “The Secretary-General reiterates that only sustainable political solutions lead to lasting peace.” Deepening … Israel deescalated in Gazabiden despite a visit by a US envoy Not ready: “Israel has the right to protect itself” Bernie Sanders: The United States “Palestinian rights are important” The Jerusalem crisis widens the rift between Jews and Arab Israelis Note: This article has been updated with additional information on the number of deaths. Do you like this article? Get more out of Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free.