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At least 14 people died after Indonesian volcano erupted

The drone footage on Sunday (December 5th) showed an Indonesian town almost buried in ash after the eruption of Mount Semeru in East Java. The volcano threw a tower of ash and hot clouds on Saturday, covering nearby villages and panicking the inhabitants. He told Reuters about the sudden horror. “At first I thought it was a bomb explosion, but suddenly Mount Semeru erupted and spewed ash. Suddenly it was pitch black to destroy the earth. My children were scattered and had no husband. So I was waiting for him, so we evacuated to a shelter. “BNPB, an Indonesian disaster agency, killed at least 14 people and dozens of people in an eruption on Java Island on Sunday. Said he was injured. BNPB officials said about 1,300 people had been evacuated, but nine were still unknown. Meteorological officials on Sunday said heavy rains are expected over the next three days, which could complicate evacuation and rescue operations.