Apokka police officers charged with drunk driving were almost five times above the statutory limit, the report said.

Apokka police officers are on vacation after investigators say he drunk and drove in his police car.

A video taken by another driver showed police officers driving irregularly.

Officer Oscar Mallorga was on his way to work when the investigator said he had found alcohol in his police car.

Police officers said Mallorga had a hard time getting up so much that he had to put it on a stretcher.

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The police arrest was captured in a body camera video.

Eustis police put Mallorga on his police car on Monday.

Mallorga is a five-year veteran of the Apokka Police Station.

Mallorga was on his way to work when a vigilant citizen took a video on his cell phone.

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“There’s definitely something wrong with this guy,” said the video guy.

The driver reported that he was recklessly driving the police car, even though the policeman was running the stop sign.

“He seems very drunk,” he said.

Body camera videos showed that Mallorga was almost falling during the interrogation.

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At first, Mallorga denied that he had something to drink.

He later agreed to give two breath samples.

He was arrested after blowing off 3.91 and 3.85. This is almost five times the legal limit for driving.

Mallorga is on paid leave until the results of an internal investigation are available.

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