Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies

Michael Collins


Speaking of the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, many people may only think of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who actually went to the moon. But during the entire process, there was actually another astronaut in the command module flying around the moon. He controlled the spacecraft throughout the entire process and was on the mission of returning the three to Earth.This person is the Michael Collins in the picture above.confirm, This often forgotten hero died today at the age of 90 after a heroic fight against cancer.

“He had a very peaceful life in his last days, with his family by his side.” Collins’ family members wrote in the announcement, “Mike can always face the challenges of life with a proper and humble attitude, and is welcoming him. The same is true for the final challenge. We will miss him deeply and at the same time believe that he knows how lucky he is to go through this life.”

After the death of Collins, Buzz Aldrin became the only living astronaut in the Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong, who took the “big step for mankind”, left the world in 2012. Looking back at Collins’ life, his records often mention him as “the loneliest person in history.” Because in the 27 hours after Armstrong and Aldrin’s lunar module landed on the moon, when the command module where Collins was flying around the moon, it would regularly encounter all communications blocked by the moon. At this time, he will be completely cut off from the two people on the moon and all human beings on the earth. The following classic photo in the history of human spaceflight is from Collins. At that time, the lunar module was about to return after completing its mission. It appeared with the moon and the earth in the picture. The only human being not in it was Collins.

Apollo 11


After the Apollo 11 mission, Collins chose to leave NASA. Later, he served in the US State Department for a period of time, and also served as the curator of the National Air and Space Museum. It is worth mentioning that although Collins did not set foot on the moon, his name and signature have been engraved on the commemorative plate and left there.

“The United States today lost a true pioneer, Michael Collins, an astronaut who dedicated his life to exploration.” NASA Acting Director Steve Jurczyk In this way, “NASA expresses its condolences to the passing of this meritorious pilot and astronaut. He is a close friend of all those who challenge human potential. Whether his work is behind the scenes or in front of the stage, he will always be a pioneer in space representing the United States It is remembered by the world. His spirit will be with us as we travel further to the horizon.”

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