Apologies to Man Handling UK Chief Medical Advisor

One of the men criticized for apparently accusing Britain’s chief medical adviser Chris Whitty apologized for claiming that the social media video of the case sacrificed his work.

“To be honest, I just wanted to take a selfie with Chris Whitty and show it to my mom,” said Luis Hughes. Sun newspaper. There was no malicious intent. I didn’t want to upset him. “

Whitty became a popular name when he regularly appeared with Prime Minister Boris Johnson early in the pandemic, giving a television briefing and field questions about the scientific advice behind the British government’s pandemic response. I did.

A June 27 footage at St. James’s Park in London shows two men ridiculing while grabbing Whitty, who appears to be struggling to free himself.

At one point, I hear one of them say, “Please give me one?”

Police recorded the case as a general assault, but Whitti said he did not want to file a formal complaint.

Hughes said he lost his job as a real estate agent after the video spread in word of mouth, causing widespread criticism, including the prime minister, who called the two men “thugs.”

His former employer has not yet responded to a request for comment from the Epoch Times.

Hughes admitted that he had a drink before the incident.

“If I made it [Whitty] I’m sorry for him because he feels uncomfortable like me, “he said.

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It’s still taken from a video that appears to show Professor Chris Whitty, UK Chief Medical Officer, being harassed by two men in a park in London.

However, according to Sun, his friend Jonaton Chu also appeared in the video, but with little repentance.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong. We just saw him and thought it was a TV guy,” says Chu, who has autism and ADHD. I did. “He was famous for appearing on our screen every day last year.”

According to The Sun, the two were involved in a campaign against blockades in central London when they found Whitti in the park.

In his experience of protecting public figures, personal security expert Will Geddes said the advent of smartphones and social media has helped the growth of such incidents.

“We’ve seen the real amplification of those who clearly want to achieve infamy, fame, awareness and exposure by posting specific content on social media,” he told The Epoch Times. “Now, inevitably, you’ll see people raising their ante every time to get more controversial posts and video footage,” he said.

Whitty’s allegedly harassed footage appeared on social media for the third time, asking him if he needed to be assigned personal protection.

Geddes said he was surprised that Whitty, such a public figure and involved in the controversial decision, had not been assigned a kind of guardian.

He said the security industry is looking to see if anyone is in the public domain to assess risk and that the infamy is not accidental or intentional.

“I certainly protected many people in the same category as Professor Whitti. They probably accepted their first role and contributed their experience and expertise to the better interests of everyone around them. I feel like I am, “he said.

“But inevitably, every opinion always has two sides. There will be those who support it and those who oppose it. And, inevitably, the most of the opposition that actually makes it an exception. There is a distant range. “

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department previously told The Epoch Times in an email:

“Police officers cracked down on demonstrations nearby and intervened when they saw what was happening.

“They spoke to the victim and checked his welfare. He was never injured and at the time informed the police that he did not want to make any claims. Then he went on the road.

“The officers continued to talk to the two men and record their details. They were closely warned of their actions and ordered to leave the area.

“Police are in contact with alleged victims. The incident has been recorded as a general assault and is being investigated by a criminal team that is offensive to Mets’ public order and morals.”

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