Apple claims that removing the power adapter included in the package will save 861,000 tons of metal

iPhone 12

Chris Velazco/Engadget

Just published in Apple 2021 Environmental Progress Report, The company explained the impact of various environmental protection measures in 2020. One of the most controversial measures last year was undoubtedly the decision to remove the power adapter included in the iPhone 12 in the name of environmental protection. According to Apple, in addition to saving 861,000 tons of copper, zinc, tin and other metals, the reduction in packaging volume will also allow Apple to transport products more efficiently. Each container can hold 70% more iPhone 12 boxes. Installed.

In addition, Apple also reduced its carbon dioxide emissions from 25.1 million tons in 2019 to 22.6 million tons last year, while electricity usage also decreased by 13.9 million kWh over the same period. The report also shared the results of Apple’s recycling center in Texas. Its Daisy recycling robot can recover the same amount of gold and copper as 150 tons of rough from every metric ton of iPhone components. Its recycling center also prevented 39,000 tons of electronic waste from being wasted to landfills.

For individual products, Apple claims that the M1 chip reduces the overall carbon footprint of the Mac Mini by 34%. On the other hand, the 8th generation iPad also uses a more efficient power converter, which is more economical than the Energy Star standard. Can 66%. In the past 12 years, Apple has also reduced the average energy consumption of its products by as much as 70%.

Finally, Apple has also expanded its environmental protection efforts to suppliers, among which 110 companies have indicated that they will switch to renewable energy. Apple has also made additional efforts to control the fluorine-containing greenhouse gas (F-GHG) emitted during the production process of the panel, requiring panel suppliers to install F-GHG reduction equipment, reducing the average emissions by as much as 90% .