Apple filed an appeal, postponing the App Store to add third-party payment methods

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In the Apple vs. Epic case, Gonzales Rogers was previously required by judge Gonzales Rogers in a California court not to “make in-app purchases outside of Apple to prevent developers from adding buttons, links, or other links to the app to guide consumers to third parties.” The purchase channel mechanism”, and must not “prevent developers and customers from communicating outside the app through the contact information obtained in the app”, and the deadline is to be implemented before December 9.However CNBC Found that Apple proposedappeal, It is estimated that the relevant laws and regulations can be delayed for one year.

In the appeal, Apple stated that they “have taken actual and specific changes to the opinions raised by the court, including lowering the threshold for communication between users and developers in the app.” However, Apple argued that it was referring to Epic. The scope of compliance is “almost unavoidable litigation.” Doing as required by the court “will be an improper use of resources.” Therefore, they believe that “there is no reason to increase resources and maintain the status quo until the appeal process is completed. “

Trystan Kosmynka, Apple’s senior director in charge of App Review, added that from a high-level perspective, if there are no well-thought-out restrictions to protect consumers, developers, and the iOS platform, it will harm users, developers, and platforms more widely. .

The ability to put external payment methods in the app will be a major change in Apple’s application ecosystem. Epic is just adding its own in-app purchases to the “Fortnite” game by itself, and it also gives exclusive discounts, allowing players to bypass Apple and shop directly at Epic. The incident has also become the fuse of a series of legal battles, and even Apple banned “Fortnite” from the App Store until all appeals are closed. It is estimated that it may not be seen again in five years.

Why is Apple so nervous about this payment method? According to CNBC’s report, the App Store will bring in $64 billion in revenue in 2020, which is mainly derived from the 30% share of IAP purchased by developers in the app. Developers receiving less than $100 will receive a 15% discount on the profit sharing rate. So the amount involved in the middle is a huge income in the tens of billions of dollars.

AlthoughBloombergMentioned in the court order, there is no restriction on Apple’s demand for profit sharing from developers who use third-party IAP payment tools, but this will be a very complicated matter, so it will take some time for Apple to study.

The appeal hearing will take place on November 16th, and it is also said that it will be as early as November 2nd. Later, you will know whether Apple’s appeal will be accepted by the court and can be scheduled for trial again.

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