Apple formed a US$200 million Restore Fund to plant trees and reforest to eliminate carbon by investment

Apple works with the Conservation International Foundation and Kenya's sustainable

Will Swanson for Komaza

applethe goalTo achieve carbon neutrality in 2030, one of the important actions to this end is to form a US$200 million fund with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs Group Restore Fund, Through investment in tree planting and reforestation projects to eliminate at least 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere every year, which is equivalent to the fuel consumed by 200,000 passenger cars. What’s even better is that this plan will also bring financial returns to investors while eliminating carbon in the atmosphere.

According to Appleā€™s press release, they will apply international standards established by well-recognized organizations such as Verra, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and UN Climate Convention to accurately quantify the level of carbon absorption and ensure that their work is effective. . At the same time, the planting plan will consider investment in working forests and improve biodiversity by creating buffer zones and natural reserve areas.

However, Apple confessed that this method can only offset 25% of the target carbon emissions by 2030, and that most of the carbon emissions accounted for 75% must be passed through.productAnd supply chain improvement. However, Dr. M. Sanjayan, CEO of the Conservation International Foundation, said that reforestation is already a more effective way to remove carbon “compared to other existing technologies.”

Facing other companies in the technology sector, like Microsoft Already set to achieve “negative carbon emissions”, Apple’s goal seems to be relatively conservative. However, the role of forest planting is not only to absorb carbon, but also to promote the development of communities and ecology. It is also the industry’s first method of combining investment returns, so people are curious about the final results.

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