Apple has a mysterious app used to collect voice data for Siri




Although Siri is one step ahead of Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, it currently seems to be behind two rising stars in terms of capabilities. In order to collect more languages ​​or dialect language models, Apple has recently quietly launched a program called “Siri Speech Study“App to get voice data and user feedback. In the description of the app, Apple stated that the app will “allow participants to send specific data to Apple for the purpose of improving the product” and provide a special consent form that needs to be signed.

This additional consent form may be the main reason that not everyone can participate in the app, but because it can only be used after receiving an invitation from Apple. Apple did not deliberately promote the existence of the app, nor did it list it among Apple’s products. It was not found by searching. However, it is currently known that it exists in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy. , Japan, Mexico, India, Ireland, New Zealand, and Hong Kong and Taiwan’s app stores.

It is not surprising that Apple is so careful about collecting Siri-related voices.In 2019 The Guardian It was discovered that the manual analysis performed by Apple’s Siri conversations might leak the user’s privacy. Therefore, Apple suspended the manual analysis program and changed to listening to the Siri interactive recording after obtaining the user’s consent. However, it did harm to Apple. Has been caused. This time Apple will try to avoid repeating the same mistakes.