Apple has claimed an “anti-competitive” app policy

Apple has been charged with violating EU competition rules regarding how the App Store operates.

European Commission Antitrust Regulator Marguerite Vestager Tweet That “consumer is losing”.

This is related to a claim filed two years ago by the music streaming app Spotify, which Apple claimed to curb innovation in the industry.

Apple faces heavy fines and could be forced to change its policies if the debate does not convince regulators.

Previously, he denied cheating.

In this case, we’re specifically looking at how App Store policies affect music streaming. The accusation was originally filed in 2019 by the co-founder of Spotify Daniel Ek. He said Apple “restricts choices and curbs innovation.”

According to an EC statement, “Apple’s rules distort competition in the music streaming market by raising the cost of competing music streaming app developers. This allows in-app music on iOS devices. The price of subscription consumers will be higher. “

In response, Apple said it didn’t charge 99% of Spotify subscribers.

“At the heart of this case is Spotify’s request to allow iOS apps to promote alternative deals, a practice that isn’t allowed in any store in the world,” he said in a statement.

“Once again, they want all the benefits of the App Store, but they don’t think they have to pay anything for it. The Commission on behalf of Spotify claims fair competition. Is the opposite of. “

Earlier MsVestager said the EC’s preliminary conclusions were “Apple violated EU competition law” and “prohibited App Store rivals from charging high fees and notifying alternatives.” Tweeted.

EC and US regulators are conducting a series of ongoing investigations into Apple’s App Store to broadly consider whether the 30% fee charged for in-app purchases is fair.

Developers are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the so-called Apple tax.

Under pressure from both developers and regulators, Apple has reduced its commission rate to 15% for developers with annual revenues of less than £ 1m.

In March 2020, e-commerce company Rakuten filed a complaint with EC, claiming that it would be anti-competitive to collect fees for e-books sold on the App Store while promoting its own Apple Books service. .. This case will be considered individually.

Epic v apple

Fortnite maker Epic Games has filed a similar complaint as part of an ongoing dispute with Apple over a 30% reduction in in-app purchases.

This caused Apple to remove the game from the App Store.

A proceeding between the two will be held in the United States next week, promising to reveal much about Apple’s internal mechanics. There are testimonies from Apple CEO Tim Cook and Epic CEO Tim Sweeney.

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