Apple is reportedly developing an iPad Pro with wireless charging

iPad Pro

Chris Velazco/Engadget

according toBloombergAccording to Mark Gurman, Apple is developing an iPad Pro and a new iPad mini with wireless charging capabilities. The Pro is expected to be available next year, while the mini may be available later this year. Wireless charging means that the metal back of the Pro will be replaced with glass, just like the iPhone is replaced with a glass back for wireless charging. In addition, Apple seems to be testing a kind of Magsafe charging system for the Pro. Apple has been rumored to have been developing a similar system for many years. It is more likely that it will be implemented with magnetic attraction + wireless charging like the iPhone 12. As for the iPad mini, it will have a narrower frame and remove the home button. If true, this will be the first mini redesign in six years, but there are no more details beyond that.

In addition to Pro and mini, Gurman also claimed that Apple is developing a thinner entry-level iPad for students, which may be launched within this year. At the same time, Apple has not given up on the development of wireless charging pads. Although the AirPower released in 2017 has been cancelled due to factors such as heat dissipation and power supply, Apple has not given up on finding alternatives to allow Apple devices to exceed inductive wireless charging. At the farthest distance, wireless charging can still be provided.

However, Gurman’s source also said that the current tablet development is still in its early stages, and Apple may change its plan or even cancel it completely. So don’t worry, don’t rush to place an order.