Apple is reportedly researching a larger-screen iPad design

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

Currently the largest tablet on Apple’s product line is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which has a screen size close to that of a laptop, but they still want a bigger one!9to5Mac Quoting Bloomberg Mark Gurman It is said that Apple has studied the design of the iPad with a larger screen, but it is still in the early stage of discussion. Even if it is true, it will take at least “a few years” to happen. As for the iPad in the short term, it seems that there will not be any changes in size, because Gurman’s previous 2022 model and the iPad Pro with a glass body are only in the original size.

In other words, if the size of the iPad is increased further, it is risky, because it will affect the convenience and flexibility of use, at least the weight will be a problem. At the same time, for the iPad, the biggest room for improvement lies in iPadOS. It feels that the existing screen space has not been used up yet, so it would be useless to make it bigger.

In addition to Apple, Samsung, which is also very experienced in tablet design, originally had the opportunity to launch a larger tablet.newsMeans that the size will be as large as 14.6 inches.In view of the fact that Samsung has also introduced an 18-inch class like a small TV Galaxy View, I believe they will have a better understanding of consumers’ acceptance of large screens. It depends on whether Apple is the first to grab a position in the field of super-sized tablets, or watch it again.

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