Apple is rumored to be developing a multi-function device that integrates Apple TV, speakers, and video cameras

Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple’s audio-visual cable equipment seems to usher in some interesting changes in the product type.according toBloombergAccording to Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple whistleblower, Apple is currently developing a multifunctional device that integrates Apple TV, speakers, and video cameras.The current development is still in the early stages, but from this description, it can be inferred that Apple may be Roku Streambar,Facebook Portal TV Wait for inspiration on the device.

In addition, Gurman also claimed that Apple may also be preparing another high-end speaker that can be fitted with an iPad as a screen. And in order to allow the screen to face the user at any time, they even considered introducing the element of the robotic arm into the design. Similar concepts have not been unavailable before, such as Amazon’s Echo Show 10. And if Apple intends to use the tablet, it is likely to make some articles based on MagSafe.

Not surprisingly, Gurman is unable to determine the launch schedule of these two new products for the time being. In fact, the final mass production has not yet been determined, so everyone has to wait and see.

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