Apple is studying whether Watch can predict new coronary pneumonia

Apple Watch


The frightening aspect of new coronary pneumonia is that the patient’s symptoms during the incubation period can be very mild, and may even be mistaken for a general cold. In order to find out early,appleIs working with the University of Washington andSeattle Flu ResearchIn cooperation, volunteers were recruited to test whether Apple Watch and iPhone can be used to predict respiratory diseases including new coronary pneumonia.

Volunteers participating in the program need to be Seattle residents over 22 years old, and they are also using iPhone 6s or newer models. To become a participant, you will need to wear the Apple Watch provided day and night within six months, and fill out the weekly questionnaire on your iPhone at the same time. If you unfortunately get sick during the period, you need to take a nasopharyngeal swab test at home and fill in more detailed information. Of course, all personal information collected will be kept confidential.

On the other side, New York Mount Sinai A report was published just a few months ago, stating that Apple Watch may be used to detect early conditions of new coronary pneumonia, including the detection of changes in the patient’s heartbeat before the onset of the disease, and Stanford University has similar research to support the argument.