Apple Messages adds a series of new sharing features



A redesigned Messages app will meet you with the iOS 15 update. At the press conference, Apple took the lead in showing the new sharing function “Shared With You” of the Messages app, which can automatically link the content shared in Messages to related apps, making it easier to share photos, articles and music with Messages.

Take photos as an example. When you or a friend sends several photos at the same time in Messages, “Shared With You” will automatically move the photos to “Photos” and include data such as if a photo has your appearance. , Automatically analyze which photos will be relatively more relevant to you. You can also jump back from the photo to the original message shared at the time when you are viewing the photo. (The program will also automatically sort all the photos into a neat collage page, no longer need to scan them one by one as before.)

“Shared With You” is also used in article sharing. Appleā€™s News App will add a brand new “Shared With You” section. All shared articles in Messages will be stored in this section. You can read them when you are free, avoiding the need for users to waste time looking for links in Messages. .

In the same way, Apple Music will store the music or playlists that have been shared in Messages in the “Shared With You” section. The same function is also applied to Apple’s TV and radio apps.

The new sharing function is intended to innovate Messages in ApplerumorLaunched below, making their own Messages more social for users. At the same time, Apple showed a major change to FaceTime, adding a feature that can be watched by all participants, making FaceTime use a shareable link to make it cross-platform by Android and Windows users to join the call. .

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