Apple Music adds “City Ranking” function

Apple Music 上海城市排行榜

Apple Music Shanghai City Ranking

In addition to system updates on major platforms, Apple today also introduced some new features for its music streaming service. The newly launched “City Rankings” in Apple Music will focus on music trends in different cities around the world. The list will combine the number of plays and local popularity index to list 25 top songs that are loved by local listeners. This feature currently focuses on more than 100 cities around the world. In Greater China, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Beijing are among the first batch of support (surprisingly, there is no Hong Kong).

According to Apple, the “City Ranking List” is updated every day, and users can open it directly from the “Leader List” page, or enter the list through the “Browse”, “Search” page or Siri.Starting today, this feature will be available to Apple Music subscribers on all platforms, and non-subscribers can alsoclick hereCheck the “City Ranking” for popular information.

In addition to the “City Rankings”, in iOS 14.5 Apple Music also added dynamic effects of artist details pages, record company search and exclusive recommendations. And when you encounter the lyrics you like, you can also directly share them with your friends via messages, Facebook or Instagram for a limited time. If the other party has also subscribed to the service, clicking on the lyrics will link to the exact time in the song, and you can listen to the clip directly in the app without leaving the conversation.

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