Apple releases more WWDC21 online developer conference information, bringing new event Pavilions

WWDC21 will kick off with a keynote conference at 1:00 AM on June 8th, Hong Kong time.


Apple has previously announced that this year’s WWDC Developer Conference will still be open to all developers free of charge online, and will show the winning student works of the Swift Student Challenge.Today, Apple further confirmed WWDC21 It will be unveiled as a keynote at 1:00 a.m. China time on June 8, and will start a five-day continuous technical exchange event with more than 200.

In order to make it easy for developers to find related courses and activities on specific topics, WWDC21 will bring a brand new event called Pavilions, which can provide a customized WWDC experience through the Apple Developer app.

WWDC will also hold a Platforms State of the Union live broadcast at 5 am on the first day to introduce the new tools, technologies and advanced features of multiple Apple platforms. The Apple Design Awards ceremony will be held at 5 am on June 11th.

The first day of WWDC21’s keynote conference will be broadcast live on Apple’s official website, Apple Developer app, Apple TV app and YouTube.For details of the conference, please refer to WWDC21 official website.

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