Apple updates iPad and watches as expected for new 5G iPhone

Apple unveiled a Series 7 smartwatch on Tuesday with a larger display and faster charging. Tech companies were also expected to release a new version of the best-selling iPhone to lure consumers into 5G plans.

The company also updated the iPad Mini with a 5G connection and redesigned it to look like high-end iPad Air and Pro models. Apple has also updated its base model iPad with a new camera for working and learning at home. The base model iPad starts at $ 329 and the Mini starts at $ 499. Both will be available next week.

Last year, Apple announced the iPhone 12 with the first device with a new look and 5G connectivity. This year, analysts look forward to a modest hardware upgrade and a deeper focus on 5G.

In particular, carriers such as AT & T Inc., Verizon Communications, and T-Mobile, which have significantly built networks since the beginning of the year, offer new incentives for devices that can take advantage of the faster speeds these networks can offer. There is likely to be. Ben Bajarin, Head of Consumer Technology at Creative Strategies, said.

“It looks like we have a lot more (5G network capacity) than we did six months ago,” says Bajarin. “They want people to upgrade. They will be really aggressive.”

Apple’s biggest product launch this year begins with some brilliance out of stock as business practices such as charging software developer fees for in-app payments have been placed under regulatory scrutiny.

Apple’s share price has risen about 15.6% year-to-date, following the Nasdaq Composite Index, which rose nearly 19% over the same period.

The iPhone 13 may look not much different from the iPhone 12 because analysts expect a new phone to be called. However, analysts expect Wi-Fi and processor chips to be faster, and Bloomberg says that top models have displays and cameras such as “portrait mode” to blur the background when shooting video. May focus on enhancements.

The Apple Watch is at the heart of the $ 30.6 billion accessory segment, up 25% in Apple’s most recent fiscal year, despite a slight decline in iPhone revenue. Analysts widely believe that Apple users who buy multiple products, such as the Apple Watch and iPhone, are more likely to stick to the brand and spend on their company’s apps and services.

Apple has focused on the fitness features of the watch, closely combined with Apple Fitness +, a paid service that offers guided training with Apple instructors.

“This is literally one service that is offered if you need this product or if you can’t use it,” says Bajarin.

Stephen Nellis