Apple wants to address concerns about AirTag being used to track others


Apple AirTag review

Eric Chan / Engadget

Earlier, AirTag officially fell into the hands of the media and users. Not surprisingly, it caused the potential for misuse of the positioning device. Although Apple has prepared some measures, including leaving the owner and following other people for “a period of time” After that, an audible prompt will occur by itself. But this “period” seems to be a bit long. According to the official statement, it will take as long as 3 days before the voice is heard.

According to an Apple spokesperson, after the update, AirTag will start to sound an audible prompt within 8 to 24 hours after leaving the owner, instead of the original arbitrary time up to 3 days. This new setting, I believe it can correspond to the earlier “Washington post“Said that there are 3 sayings that the sky white period was exploited by malicious stalkers.

In addition to the sound, currently only iOS devices will have a system prompt to notify the user that there is an unknown AirTag to follow the move. Apple said that they are developing an Android version of the app, so that more users can “anti-track” these unknown AirTags or other Find My network accessories. Of course, in this tone of analysis, Apple probably has no plans to open AirTag and Find My network accessories to the opposing camp for use.

In any case, this means that Apple is really paying attention to the privacy concerns that this product will bring after AirTag comes out, and that it has moved fast enough to solve the problem.