Apple was convicted of paying Optis US$300 million in damages for LTE patent infringement


iPhone 12


The jury in Texas, U.S. A few days agoRuling, Because the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other devices infringed Optis’ patents, Apple was required to pay 300 million US dollars in compensation. Prior to this, another jury had concluded that Apple was required to compensate US$506 million in the same patent case. However, based on the consideration of the “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” principle of standard essential patents, the presiding judge ordered a review of the compensation amount. This has resulted in the reduction of compensation.

In addition to the United States, Optis has also sought compensation from Apple in the United Kingdom, and their global patent fees combined may reach as high as 7 billion US dollars (the patents involved are from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and many other companies). Apple bluntly stated that Optis is a patent rogue company, and they will fight to the end for the “unreasonable compensation claim” of the other party.