Apple was fined fourth Dutch in App Store dispute

AMSTERDAM-Netherlands antitrust watchdog fined Apple € 5 million ($ 5.7 million) on Monday. This is the fourth fine for the Dutch software application maker not allowing non-Apple payment methods to be used to date apps on the App Store.

The Consumer Markets Authority (ACM) has fined Apple € 5 million each week since Apple missed the January 15 deadline for making changes ordered by the Watchdog.

Apple claims in a post on its website that it complies with ACM’s December ruling, which found it abusing its position in the dominant market.

The Dutch watchdog said the company’s obvious concessions impose “unnecessary and irrational” conditions on dating app developers.

App developers who want to use non-Apple payment methods, including Tinder’s owner Match Group, submit their new app to the App Store and switch to their customers.

Apple, which states that payment methods other than Apple pose a security risk to customers, did not respond to requests for comment.

Apple first claimed on January 15 that it had complied with a Dutch regulatory decision. However, regulators replied that the company has not made any changes. I just made a change.

On February 3, Apple issued a further statement explaining how developers can implement alternative payment methods.

ACM said on February 7 that it did not provide enough information to evaluate the changes.

Apple will also charge a 27% fee for in-app payments that it doesn’t process, just below the 30% that it charges for what it processes.

An ACM spokesman declined to comment on whether the terms were acceptable.

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