Apple Watch can track the daily conditions of patients with weakened heart

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Patients with weakened heart need to go back to the clinic from time to time for cardiopulmonary testing so that the doctor can track the patient’s condition. But in this post-epidemic era, try to avoid it without going out.according to MyHealthyApple with MacRumors Reported that the researcher at Stanford University was granted funding by AppleConfirmThe Apple Watch can accurately track the patient’s daily heart performance at home, especially the data of the six-minute walk test, which is the same as the test done in the clinic in the past.

Researchers use Apple Watch Series 3 and a special VascTrac application to collect data, but the report mentioned that it can be done directly with the built-in functions of the system in the future, without downloading a third-party app. Because watchOS 7 will have a built-in 6-minute walk test, along with other activity data, you can see your physical condition in the iPhone’s health app.

Such research is to explore how Apple Watch and other similar smartwatch products can be used as daily physical tracking devices. As long as you walk around in Dingli, you can complete the test, saving patients the need to go to the clinic every time. The most important thing is to provide a bigger incentive to let the general public have a smart watch.

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