Apple will launch Podcast paid subscription service in May

Apple Podcast subscription


Following Apple Music, Apple TV and other services, Apple also officially packaged Podcast/Podcast as a paid subscription service. This new “Apple Podcast subscription“On the original free content, content creators will then provide additional selected content to paying users, including ad-free content, additional limited content, priority or exclusive listening to the latest Podcast series, etc. Currently confirmed creators of selected subscription services, including Tenderfoot TV, Pushkin Industries, PRX’s Radiotopia and QCODE; and well-known media and entertainment brands, including NPR, “Los Angeles Times”, “The Athletic” and Sony Music Entertainment, etc. .

Apple podcast subscriptions


On the creator side, they will also have a new Apple Podcasts for Creators tool to manage and understand their performance data on the platform’s program content, as well as the latest news and functions, in-depth guidance and practical tips. Assist creators to better optimize the content of their Podcast programs.

The Apple Podcast subscription project will be officially launched in more than 170 countries and regions in May. The cost of each subscription is set by the Podcast creator, and the default is monthly or annual. Content creators who are interested in participating need to purchase the Apple Podcasts for Creators tool, which is priced at HK$158 / US$20 per year.