Apple’s AR helmet may need to be used with the iPhone


Apple iPhone 12

Apple iPhone 12

Apple’s AR/VR devices have always had different rumors, the latest one is The Information According to the information obtained from the informant, this device requires the wireless connection of an external device such as an iPhone, iPad, or a computer to be used, thereby sharing the computing needs. The reason is that Apple’s AR/VR may use a 5nm process processor, but the performance is not as good as Apple’s own processor, and it lacks a neural network engine to accelerate AI calculations.

It is said that Apple’s processors for AR/VR devices will include CPU and GPU, but the performance will even be weaker than the current Oculus Quest 2. However, battery life will be a selling point, and the camera on the device will be wirelessly connected to an external computing device. Earlier there was a saying that Apple would use an “ultra-high-resolution” 8K screen and corresponding cameras.

The report also mentioned that Apple has just completed the physical design of the processor, display driver, and image processor, and it will take some time for trial production. Therefore, mass production and shipment will not happen in the near future. The Information refers to the fact that at least until 2022 or beyond, the price may be as high as $3,000. But this is still the version for target developers and creators, and the consumer version is more likely to be after 2023.

Apple declined to respond to the report. However, we all have been following Apple’s AR/VR device news and found that their team seems to have become mature step by step, such as letting senior vice president Dan Riccio take over the responsibility, which proves that Apple’s AR/VR devices are still expected to be in their lifetime. have witnessed.