Archaeologist finds an 800-year-old mummy in Peru


A team of Lima experts found a mummy estimated to be at least 800 years old on the central coast of Peru, one archaeologist who participated in the excavation said Friday.

The mummified bodies belonged to people of culture that developed between the coasts and mountains of South American countries. Unidentified mummies were found in the Lima area, said archaeologist Peter Van Darren Luna.

“The main feature of the mummy is that the whole body is roped and the hands cover the face, which is part of the local funeral pattern,” said Vandaren Luna of San Marcos State University. increase.

He said the remains belonged to someone who lived in the Andean highlands of the country. “Radiocarbon dating will give more accurate dating.”

The mummy was found in an underground structure on the outskirts of Lima. He said the tomb also had offerings such as pottery, vegetable remains, and stone tools.

Peru, home to the tourist destination of Machu Picchu, has hundreds of archaeological sites, from southern Ecuador and Colombia to central Chile, before and after the Inca Empire, which ruled southern South America 500 years ago.