Are Joe Manchin and Susan Collins Stupid? Or do they just think we are?


Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast / Getty

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast / Getty

Are you a senator? Susan Collins When Joe Manchin Are you stupid or are they just thinking we are?

Both self-identified centrists and Senator Abortion-rights with Supreme Court judge Neil Gorsuch Brett KavanaughTwo of the six lawyers who curtailed American women’s rights in the 1960s Today’s decision upon Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health.. At the time, they did because they were convinced that both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh supported the precedent. In fact, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh didn’t. husband!

Both senators issued a statement declaring themselves shocked —I was shocked— Kavanaugh and Gorsuch will do that — what a naughty judge! This is especially sad for Senators. Because they met with both judges during their respective confirmation processes, both judges assured both Senators of the Triple Dog’s promise of irreversible. Roe v. WadeThere is no back sea.

Manchin issued a statement declaring that he was “extremely disappointed”, “warning” that he was lying by both judges. Collins said she also lied, saying that the court’s abandonment of the 50-year case was already “a careless act that would further divide the country” at a difficult time. I may be outliers here, but I believe in them. Some kind.

I don’t think they were completely blind to Gorsuch and Kavanaugh’s actions today.

It is the most self-deceptive judicial activism that Arito’s “Dobbs” opinion overturns “Rho”.

If Senators Collins and Manchin are telling the truth now (they aren’t, but for a moment, let’s pretend they are as a treat), it’s time to punish the woman they aborted. The president, who once meditated during the debate over what might be, will vote to overturn the legal precedent that guarantees the right to abortion when given the opportunity. It is said that two U.S. Senators will not lie during a job interview as a means to achieve their goals for two men who are trying to get a lifelong promise to their dream job. It means I didn’t believe it.

If Manchin and Collins are telling the truth now and they really had do not know When this happens, they are Morons who should not be trusted to operate manual staplers without eye protection, much less write the law. If they are telling the truth now, they are people who need an iron sticker that says “Warning: Don’t iron while wearing them”. If they are now telling the truth and it was easily misunderstood and at the same time could not hear the stories of all the people who were telling them that they were misunderstood, they would be better than a bag of hair. It’s stupid.

“The fox promised not to eat chickens if he was granted access to the poultry house!” It doesn’t serve as an excuse when the hut is painted with blood and feathers.

Perhaps the truth is that Manchin and Collins knew exactly what they were doing to help identify Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.They thought it was a plausible denial of when egg Inevitably went — forgive my French — Boobs up..Collins and Manchin didn’t care actually Protect access to abortion.They bothered Looks like you care About protecting abortion access.

They thought it was stupid enough to believe that voters were doing due diligence to protect women’s reproductive autonomy.

Overall, voters can be pretty stupid.But we are not that fool.

But I believe some of Collins and Manchin’s remarks today.I believe they are, in fact, honestly “disappointed” and “alert” today. Dobbs It’s a ruling, but not because I’m worried about abortion.

Senators now look like absolute deceptions and liars, so I think they’re disappointed and wary. Calls for malicious judgment rarely immediately backfire this publicly. Kavanaugh and Gorsuch make an absolute fool of all drug centrists who claimed to be inconsistent with Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas’ unrestrained centrists the moment they took them to the bench. But I didn’t waste my time. Susan Collins and Joe Manchin look like a complete horse donkey.

Beware of “useful” FemTech in the post-low world

I think Collins and Manchin thought they had more time before their words were hot and returned to them.Maybe they thought they would be far away from public life by that time egg fell. Maybe Manchin portrayed cruising West Virginia with his Maserati.Maybe Collins was planning to spend the money she earned Sell ​​her house In Bangor (on the market two days ago), I bought a pale thrush Kobitoki south to allow her to enter her properly. Coastal grandmother Aesthetic phase against the backdrop of palm trees.

We apologize to the Teams Collins and Manchin staff for writing these cute words. It takes much more time than a press release and much more time than a declaration of surprise to unleash what they’ve beaten. To believe that voters didn’t expect this to happen with Manchin and Collins.

There’s bullshit, then there’s fucking bullshit. And this is fucking bullshit.

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