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Did “Low & Order” just open the door for Benson and Stabler to finally hook up?

NBC This post contains spoilers of law and order: SVU and law and order: organized crime. On Thursday night, Law & Order finally reunited NBC’s most beloved Platonic couple. Ten years later, Mariska Veres Thailand’s Olivia Benson and Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler are back in the case. Unfortunately, in order to do that, Stabler’s wife Kathy was killed by a mysterious high-level criminal. Thursday is the premiere of organized crime, a spin-off of Meloni’s new law and order. Given the magnitude of the reunion between Benson and Stableler (Vabler?), It’s no wonder NBC blew the event into a crossover event with SVU. .. Apparently, Stableler is the target of bombing here in the United States, even though he lives abroad. Maybe it has something to do with Elliott’s new job. As Stableler explains, he went to a walkabout for several years after him Departure from the NYPD. He began working in private security and eventually became an international liaison for terrorism, sex trafficking, and organized crime. He came to New York to testify about the case, and Kathy tagged it together. Apparently, the rent-a-car police placard turned the bomber over. Kathy initially survived the attack, but later died in a hospital with a ruptured spleen. Benson and her team can track down the bomber suspect, but soon he was also found dead in his cell due to an overdose. The explosive seems to have been an international design. Life after “SVU”: Sadly for Christopher Meloni, Stableler, and his famous behind Cathy in “They Came Together”, her death brush almost slammed Benson and Stableler. It’s just a plotting device to put together (and, of course, launches Stabler’s new stand-alone TV gig). Benson volunteers to lead the bombing investigation, allowing her old partner to accompany her during the first cross-examination, where they ask QAnon followers. However, it quickly becomes clear that the perpetrator in this case is a much more sophisticated person. There have been many changes since the last time Stabler was displayed on the screen. Especially in his second half of the season, Meloni’s personality became known for his hot temper and tendency to bend the rules. So when Stabler made a spectacular return, viewers also got a healthy amount of manual work on how he is now “good” or “bad” for police officers. “Don’t tell me,’We shouldn’t do that anymore,'” Stabler tells Benson at some point. “I live outside New York, not under the rocks.” Finn assures his former colleague to his new companion, claiming “after all, he’s a good cop.” Eventually, Stabler loses his composure to the question. A few years ago, “he says. “I was a good cop at the time. I’m a good cop now.” Organized crime officer Ayanna Bell, who is in charge of searching for the criminal elements that caused the apparent murder of his wife, counterattacks. But the main task of the first hour of this crossover event was, of course, to deal with the distance between Stabler and Benson, ten years away. Ten years have passed since then. Benson and Stabler filed an incident together. Meloni’s final episode, Season 12, ended with Stabler shooting the daughter of a rape victim. In a subsequent episode, Benson learned that her longtime partner had resigned. Since then, the two haven’t talked. “I’m sorry to leave, or I’m sorry to walk. I won’t tell you,” Benson asks. “You were the most important person in my life, and you just … disappeared.” “I know,” Elliott replies. “I was afraid. I couldn’t leave when I heard your voice.” Stabler-Benson’s partnership has always been, well … intense? That fact also happened Thursday night, when new team members, including Amanda Rollins, hinted at the vague “things” that the pair infamously shared. Stableler seems curious when Finn mentions Olivia’s romantic relationship and tries to gather some information from his old colleague-he’s just told he needs to ask himself. is. At the risk of making a terrible noise about the death of poor Kathy, her tragic fate encourages one, yes, a very terrible question. Will we finally go to see Stabler and Benson kissing after all these years? Do you really want it? But for now, Stabler is clearly frying big fish. Kathy’s murder is officially outside Benson’s jurisdiction, but that does not guarantee she will stand up. Stabler’s youngest son, Eli, was overwhelmed by her mother’s death and was disappointed that her family would not return to Rome. (Sadly, NBC apparently doesn’t have the money to provide us with Law & Order Takes Tuscany.) Meanwhile, Stabler himself has already begun to burn international criminals and chase leads, smuggling working in Puglia. We continue to refer to the case. .. After all, in the COVID era, medical supplies have become a favorable source of funding for organized crime circles. Underlying all this seems to be Freddie (Dylan McDermott). This is the son of Sinatra (yes, Sinatra), the infamous mob boss behind Puglia’s PPE smuggling. Freddie, also known as Richard Wheatley, enjoys the presence of the upper class and portrays himself as a legitimate businessman. Even Sinatra seemed ready to kick his son out to Stabler, but unfortunately Freddie first went to him and executed him on Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel. Tracking is in progress now. This case seems likely to consume a significant portion of the premier season of organized crime, or at least provide the backbone of its early story. But when the fog clears and the gavel inevitably falls, there is time to ask other longer boiling questions. Yes, yes, after all these years, fans can see Benson and Stabler finally settle and eventually smooth. But for now, you have to wait. 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