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Marvel needs to recast T’Challa in “Black Panther” to honor Chadwick Boseman (guest blog)

[Editors note: This post was updated recently to reflect the launch of the #RecastTChalla petition earlier this month] I have been reading comic books since I was 10 years old. When I discovered the Black Panther manga, I realized how the true expression felt. Finally, I saw a character similar to myself, a character who can dress up for Halloween. I was ecstatic when the character starred in “Captain America: Civil War” and got his own movie. I shed tears when I learned of Chadwick Boseman’s death. Later, when Kevin Feige announced that Marvel would not recast his character, T’Challa, it was yet another unexpected emotional bowel punch. The more I thought about what this meant in the long run, the more depressing, darker, and short-sighted the decision began to appear. There were two options I was afraid of the character of the MCU T’Challa moving forward: 1. They either leave him to just a background character (Paul Walker in the “Fast & Furious” franchise) or 2. They will kill him. The first option is very disappointing, but the latter option would be even worse. T’Challa was estimated to have died in the movie, but then he came back to life. Then the real actor dies, but is it just possible that the studio will kill his fictional character again? Anyone who entertains this idea needs to find out why they are so comfortable with the emotional traumatic pornography of black death. With pandemics and police atrocities, we already have it enough in real life, and the last thing we need is that it be reflected in our fictional superheroes. Boseman played a strong, intelligent, and capable Black King. (Photo: Marvel Studios) Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa was important because it brought to life the images that many black boys and men rarely see — a strong, intelligent, and capable black king. An advanced and prosperous world led by. The character was originally created by Stanley and Jack Kirby to become an uplifting anti-stereotype in the 1960s. T’Challa was the first black superhero in mainstream cartoons. He is literally a black history. If Marvel Studios removes T’Challa, it will cost the black boys who respected him. Black boys don’t deserve to drive their heroes to bystanders, or worse. No child deserves it. Black Lives Matter on the screen. I would like to believe that it is the fantasy of the T’Challa character that helps us all escape the painful reality of the real world. Another painful reality that dawned on me in Marvel’s decision is how it can inadvertently affect Hollywood’s already discriminatory achievements with minority characters. No, I don’t call him a Marvel racist. What I’m saying is that Hollywood usually shows that there’s nothing wrong with recasting a fictional white character. Over the decades, there have been many movies and actors from Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and James Bond. No matter how symbolic the actor was, how bad the movie was, or the death of the actor involved, the fictional character remained alive. You can’t even imagine not recasting the Joker because Christopher Reeve died, or Heath Ledger was so great in that role. A Disney + series set in Wakanda is under construction. (Photo: Marvel Studios) I’m worried that the option not to recast is happening at T’Challa. As I may add, who is the first and only major black superhero currently in the MCU, neither a buddy nor a supporting character. I understand that Marvel believes their decision is based on honoring Chadwick. But it suppresses the opportunity for one of the most popular, top-notch black superheroes to add to their heritage. T’Challa still has decades of great stories left, and the MCU just scratched the surface with his arc. Black superheroes like T’Challa should not be exposed to Hollywood’s discriminatory math. Black characters handle subtraction and division, and white characters benefit from addition and multiplication. T’Challa, like all other popular superheroes, deserves the same luxury of living (and being seen). After all, I believe Marvel Studios’ easiest option is to recreate the T’Challa character. If people need more time to be emotionally healed from Boseman’s death, that’s fine. In the past, I’ve suggested the idea that the Disney + Wakanda series is a great placeholder and delays “Black Panther 2”. (Fortunately, Marvel Studios did just that!) Read also: Watch Chadwick Boseman Widow’s Tears Golden Globe Awards Acceptance: “He Will Say Something Beautiful” (Video) Me The mind is still emotional and has recent prejudices, and it’s hard to see someone in other roles. At the same time, I know that if the role is recast, the next actor will not try to replace Chadwick. Rather, they will pick up the baton he carried so hard and bring something unique to his role. Marvel simply needs to get a very talented actor (probably Yahya Abdul Matine II or John David Washington) and fans will be fascinated. You also need to clarify your position by paraphrasing “I have no plans to recast at this time.” At least that way, there’s no window to expect T’Challa to reappear on the screen. I bumped into our face. Also, if Marvel wants to convey the Black Panther cloak to Shuri (Letitia Wright) or someone else, T’Challa can still exist. In the comics, Shuri was the Queen, Black Panther, and T’Challa lived doing other things. In fact, that dichotomy in their relationship also had some great stories. After all, I still believe in the creative genius of Ryan Coogler and producer Nate Moore. I also believe that Kevin Feige has only the best intentions in mind. They are convinced that they also know the impact of the Black Panther franchise on society and the importance of T’Challa. Marvel should celebrate Chadwick as much as he wants, without compromising the legendary character of T’Challa. I would line up first to support everything related to Black Panther, but I would lie if Marvel said I wasn’t worried until it was done correctly by T’Challa. Update below: After expressing my view above, I launched the #RecastTChalla petition and told Marvel Studios that people would honor Chadwick Boseman without losing the role that Chadwick Boseman had built up. I showed that I believed. Petitions have been obtained in support of thousands of signatures and donations, and the number continues to grow. The goal of this petition is to stay ahead of the curve and become aware of long-term problems if T’Challa’s character ceases forever. That is why this petition does not require an immediate recast, as it is important for the affected person to take time to heal emotionally. But what it wants is to reconsider Marvel’s discontinuation of T’Challa’s portrayal. This is also not about who should be the next Black Panther, nor does it prevent everyone from picking up the mantle. This is about the role that Chadwick Boseman believed in. Boseman believed that the role he had taken on was greater than he was, and wanted people to see that role before they met him. This petition is also about raising awareness of the greater problem with the representation of black characters in the media. You don’t have to agree with the notion that you can easily replace the first major black popular superhero in the MCU with another supporting role promotion. The truth is that both can coexist and stand up at the same time. The hope here is that Marvel fans will understand the tragic situation no matter what course Ryan Coogler, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios decided to adopt the Black Panther franchise. We understand the pain of losing someone. We also understand and remember the impact of the Black Panther franchise on many of us in different ways. After all, there are so many creative means to play the role of T’Challa that we must avoid stopping his portrayal. [Editors note: You can watch Emmanuel Noisette’s video explanation on why T’Challa should be recast here.] Read the original story in The Wrap where Marvel needs to recast T’Challa in “Black Panther” to honor Chadwick Boseman (guest blog)

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