Arizona ballot audits are controversial in new allegations of incompetence

A partisan audit of the 2020 elections in Arizona continued this week, with further criticism of the incompetence of the company that runs it and the start of a campaign for governor from the top of the Democratic Party against it.

An audit of Maricopa County’s vote, which has been criticized by many local Republican officials, does not affect the actual outcome of the November elections, but right-wing media say the 2020 outcome is fraudulent.It is led by Cyber ​​Ninjas, an unnamed Florida-based cybersecurity company, whose CEO is Promoted election conspiracy, And was hired by the Republican-controlled State Senate to handle the process.

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Katie Hobbes’ office Released A report detailing what was described as a serious audit issue last week. Among the issues listed was a software update on Monday, “We said we had so many errors and issues during the first shift that we would roll back to older software during the afternoon shift.” There was a “copy”. [were] Sent to Montana Institute “

According to the Hobbes office, there were no specifications on “what security measures were taken, how Montana laboratories handle the data, and how long copies should be kept.”

Contractor working at Cyber ​​Ninjas

A contractor working at Cyber ​​Ninjas details the ballot for the 2020 elections in Phoenix after two election audits found no evidence of prevalence of fraud. (Courtney Pedrosa / Getty Images)

“Observers have examined thousands of military and foreign ballots by at least three non-residents of Maricopa County,” read the report. “Observers were previously told that only residents of Maricopa County could process ballots, but not all three were residents.”

The report accused workers of carrying a black pen on the floor, but the pen was not allowed because it could be used to change ballots. “Audit Co-Chair Randy Poolen told observers that the shirt he needs to wear on the floor makes him look like transgender because of the color of the shirt,” the observer quoted in the report said. “.

Maricopa County, the state’s largest, is home to the largest number of Arizonas. Biden narrowly won Arizona in November, the first Democratic victory since Bill Clinton won the state in 1996.

A Republican who is pushing for the unfounded claim of former President Donald Trump that the election was stolen by a highly suspicious audit past the first deadline set by Cyber ​​Ninjas, has done so. I visited the stadium.

This week, three Republicans in Pennsylvania, including one who was a major supporter of Mr. Trump’s false allegations, visited Stadium. Last month, Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz held a rally in Maricopa County, where auditing became an important controversy. The building was at a high school graduation ceremony that weekend. The actual process was paused because it was being used.

“Let’s check with you. Who do you think won in Arizona on November 3rd?” Green asked, “We are here in solidarity with the Arizona election audit. I have. “

Katie Hobbs, left, Doug Ducey

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs sees Governor Doug Ducey signing election documents to prove election results on November 30, 2020. (Ross D. Franklin / Pool / AP)

Hobs will announce his candidacy for next year’s governor’s election, focusing on election integrity on Wednesday. In her announcement video..

“Many people are being seriously harmed. The other side is not offering policies to improve our lives, but conspiracies that only make our lives worse. “Hobbes said.

Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who couldn’t run for re-election due to term restrictions, refrained from discussing audits and confirmed the election results in November.Ducey also dispatched police protection this year after Hobs and her family were threatened with murder. It leads to an audit.

Wednesday criticized Ducey Reject numerous bills He is waiting for a budget proposal from Congress, including one that requires voters to request an absentee ballot before voters receive an absentee ballot.

In a statement, the former president said, “For those who think Doug Ducey is good for Arizona, you are wrong.


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