Arizona candidate for Trump says he didn’t prove the 2020 election results

Lake Kari.
  • Arizona Governor’s Republican candidate Kali Lake said he “did not recognize” the 2020 election results.

  • Former President Trump supported Lake after proposing that it should be “added” to Mount Rushmore.

  • Former Phoenix newscaster Lake has repeatedly made false claims about Trump’s fraudulent elections.

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Republican candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake, who was recently supported by former President Donald Trump, said he did not approve the 2020 election results in the state.Trump lost Arizona 10,000 votes or more..

Lake spoke to the far-right outlet, One American News Network, and told host Natalie Harp: She wouldn’t certify Election results for 2020.The lake echoes on a daily basis Trump’s Unfounded Election Fraud Claim..

“Given how much information we already had about the serious irregularities and problems with elections at the time, I wouldn’t have recognized it at that time,” Lake said. Election results are usually certified By the Secretary of State, Governor, and other state officials.

In an interview, Harp claimed that the election results proved by Ducey were “inaccurate”-partially this month after a Republican-led election audit discovered that Biden had actually defeated Trump. Claims proved to be true Hundreds more votes in Arizona Than I thought before.

Despite the audit results, Mr Lake said last week that the election was “illegal” and “corrupted.” Trump made a similar claim After the audit results were released, they erroneously stated that they further proved “significant and undeniable evidence of fraud.”

“My reaction is that we have to do this right. We can’t go any further from this moment. We won’t go any further from November 2020 until we correct this right.” Lake told OANN on September 26th. People involved in this “

September 28, Trump approved the lakeShe said, “It will do a much better job than RINO Governor Doug Ducey-it won’t even be a contest!” Ducey lost Trump’s support as he proceeded to prove the outcome of the state’s presidential election in late November 2020. Ignore calls from Trump..

Ducey doubled his decision the night he and Secretary of State Katie Hobbes proved the election results.

“This can only be delayed if the county refuses to prove the result. All 15 counties in Arizona (countries run by both parties) have proved the result.” Ducey tweeted November 30, 2020.

“That’s the law. I vowed to support it, and I take my responsibilities seriously,” he added.

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